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About the game

If you’re dead-ly serious about your games, then plant yourself in your seat, and dig into PopCap’s award winning and free-to-play flash game, Plants vs. Zombies. No registration, no gimmicks, no fuss – just free.

In Plants vs. Zombies, the objective is to stop the endless zombie assault against the player’s home by using a garden variety of defenses, including projectile-firing Peashooters, Cherry Bombs, Shovels, and Wall-nuts. Each defensive item has a unique capability to thwart the ever-advancing horde of zombies, which begin their attack at the edge of the player’s front yard and slowly meander down well-manicured rows toward the home. As the game progresses, the Run 3 Free Game Online player is given access to new plants, fungi, and other vegetation, all of which have different functions that add another layer of complexity to Plants vs. Zombies. This variation is needed, too, as zombies come in all shapes and sizes, with some taking on the role of the typical staggering undead, while others demonstrate a bit more agility, such as either pole-vaulting over obstacle or dancing their way toward a brain breakfast.

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In addition to player gaining access to new offensive and defensive items, Plants vs. Zombies frequently changes its setting. Initially beginning in the front yard, PopCap’s game shifts to the backyard, adds a pool, and varies the time of day. These setting shifts are not simply for aesthetic impact, as they impact gameplay immensely. When it is light, players have the ability to collect sunlight (the game’s currency), either by clicking on it as it randomly drops from the sky or by clicking on it from player-generated Sunflowers. However, once the sun goes down, the player is given a limited supply of sunlight and the sunlight-producing Sunflowers are no longer useful. Fog also rolls in on certain levels, shielding half the screen from the player’s eyes, while in other levels, the only light source is provided by irregular lightening flashes. Adding even more variety to the 2048 Cupcakes Online game are the occasional mini-games that are introduced either by Crazy Dave or through threatening zombie letters, both of which result in the levels transforming into an undead bowling alley in which modified Wall-nuts rumble down lanes to dismember zombie pins.

Tips and Tricks for beginners

Plant those Sunflowers

Because Tunnel Rush Free Game Online uses sunlight as currency, Sunflowers – which produce sunlight – should be planted immediately. Try to plant about a dozen Sunflowers, the sooner the better.

Go nuts over Wall-nuts

By the time a On-Line Duck Life 4 player plants a few Sunflowers, the undead army will begin slowly appearing on screen. Rather than spending 100 sunlight to purchase a Peashooter, buy a Wall-nut, which is priced at 50 sunlight, to slow down the zombies. Use the 50 sunlight difference to purchase another Sunflower.

Don’t be afraid to use Squashes

Getting overrun or need to clear some zombies quick? Plant some Squashes. They squash – literally – all zombies immediately to their left and to their right. While they can only do this once before disappearing, the 50 sunlight cost is reasonable.
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